We can accommodate up to 500 people in one day at our spacious Frontenac studio.

These are really fun days for us.  Clients can review hundreds of actors and talent beyond what is displayed on this web site.  You never know when that magic face might appear. Castings can also be arranged smaller and more direct to a specific project.  You may choose individual talent from our web site, and also request similar new and unseen faces to join.

Our castings are a big hit with industry professionals needing to save time.

Listen to what others have to say below.

★Caroline Liem, Liem Casting

Wonderful experience I had at Images Agency Models & Actors. Thoughtful care is placed on their actor’s preparation and performance — very professional!!.

★Fran Blain, Blain & Associates

I was so impressed with your group and particularly with the commitment I felt from each actor. I observed a dedicated group of actors who are genuinely enjoying themselves…

★Michael Lyons, Silver Models/Chelsea Talent

In my 25 years of being an agent and scouting trips, I have rarely been as impressed as I have been with the talent I found this weekend at Images Agency Models and Actors. The models and actors were well prepared…

★Shepard Smith – Luber Roklin Entertainment

I’m always impressed by the caliber of actors I meet at Images Agency Models & Actors in St. Louis, Missouri. They are always so well trained and prepared. The team makes visiting from Los Angeles comfortable and I always return to my office excited to share all my new discoveries with my co-workers.

★Michelle Dulong – Artistic Endeavors

I had a wonderful time in St. Louis! It was wonderful to see such a talented group. I love the professionalism of the Staff. It is refreshing to visit an Agency that is really developing true talent. Keep doing what you are doing ladies – it DEFINITELY shows!!

★Milton Perea  – Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier

I enjoyed the professional atmosphere and the very talented individuals for modeling and acting at Images Agency in St. Louis. I found several models and actors and I look forward to seeing them in Los Angeles

★Shae Cooper – BMG Models

Working with the talent at Images Agency was a very rewarding experience. All of the talent were very attentive, well mannered and engaged in the discussions. True professionals! The staff was extremely accommodating & they were sincere ladies. They care about their people and provide an awesome experience. I look forward to working with them & the phenomenal talent I scouted in St. Louis at Images.

★DebraLynn Findon – Discover Management

It’s always great scouting and seeing prepared talent of all ages ready and excited to audition. Images Agency are truly a class act!

★ Paul Trusik – Truisik Talent Management

Today was a great experience! It’s always great to be exposed to new Talent outside of the LA area. I found the students eager, bright and they were extreamly interested in the entertainment industry.

★Jennifer Boyce – Savage Agency

It was great meeting all your talent at Images Agency Models & Actors in St. Louis, MO. The did a great job. I can’t wait to see them in Los Angeles.

★Gary Ousdahl – Pipeline Motion Picture Group

I truly enjoyed my time with the talent and I look forward to working with some of the talented actors that I met today. The talent was wonderful and exciting. I had a great time!

★Nita Brochu – New Beginnings Entertainment

I loved my visit at Images Agency and JRP St. Louis! It felt so at home and welcomed by both, staff, talent, and parents. It was a pleasure to work with the very talented actors, and saw so many filled with potential…

★Brad Diffley-Mavrick Artists Agency

I am excited with the quality of actor’s I saw today. It was a very impressive group and well prepared. I look forward to future scouting opportunities here as I am always impressed by the professionalism of the facility’s director’s and passion for their talent.

★Richard Makarewicz – Apex Talent Group

I had a wonderful experience visiting Images Agency. The talent was prepared and excited to perform. The staff is organized, professional and great to work with. Thank you for the opportunity to scout your talented actors.

★Danielle Lenniger – LuberRoklin Entertainment

I loved my experience here in St. Louis. The ladies who run the facility were kind and mindful of all their talent and their abilities. The office space blew me away.

Some of our Casting Clients.

Abrams Artists
Unified Management
Eisenstadt & Frazier (AEF)
Coast to Coast
Rob D’Avola & Associates
Ford Models
Kazarian Spencer Ruskin & Associates (KSA)
Patrick Baca Casting
Trilogy Talent
Hines and Hunt
Harriet Greenspan
Koopman Management
Savage Agency
GEM Entertainment Group (GEG)
Susan Nathe & Associates
Meyer Management Group
Central Artists
CESD Talent Agency
GVA Talent
Brown Leader Management Group
Trusik Talent Management (TTM)
Greene & Associates
Defining Artists
The Joshua Groupe
Landis Simon Productions
Mavrick Artists Agency
GEL Entertainment
JLA Talent
Pipeline MPG
Discover Management
LuberRoklin Entertainment
Dream Talent
Apex Talent
Artistic Endeavors
New Beginnings Entertainment
Artist to Artist (A-T-A)
Element Talent Agency
Silver Models
Chelsea Talent
Corsa Agency
Caroline Liem

★Scott Faucett, Artist to Artist (A-T-A)

I really enjoyed my time in St. Louis, MO. What an eclectic group of talent! I will definitely give Images Agency’s talent the highest consideration.
Scott Faucett, Artist to Artist (A-T-A)

★Acting Camp with Emily & Richard

Images Agency Models & Actors is so incredible. The talent was outstanding! The facility is clean, organized and perfect. The staff helped us with every step of the process…

★Omar Mayet – GEL Entertainment

I had a wonderful time visiting JRP Acting Academy and Images Agency Models and Actor! The staff is always well prepared and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for the opportunity to scout your talented actors!

★Philip Leader – Brown Leader Group

What a BLAST! Great Actors! It’s so refreshing to meet Actorswho are prefecting their craft by working with coaches and are ready to go! I met some talented-young adult’s, adults, who are ready for ‘Hollywood’! (Not to mention the pee-wee’s) I had a blast and can’t wait to come back!!!

★Philip Marcus – Clear Talent Group

It is always a pleasure to scout at Images Agency Models & Actors in St. Louis. The talent are prepared, enthusiastic, and hungry to work. They understand the importance of working with a coach on a regular basis and the competitiveness of the industry.

★Matt Fletcher – Greene & Associates Talent

It is always a pleasure making the trip to St. Louis. I appreciate the Images Agency talent I get to see while there, it goes to show the hard work & commitment Images Agency puts into these young actors and models. Images always make me feel so welcome and take such great care of me while I am visting.

★Karla Huff – Dream Talent Management

What a wonderful surprise finding so many talented & well coached people in St. Louis! Images Agency is a joy to work with. I found many kids I would like to work with in Los Angeles.

★Glenn Hughes, GEM Entertainment Group

Thank you for yet another wonderful opportunity to see and meet with your talent at Images Agency Models & Actors. You allow me the chance to see your talent in St. Louis that I might not otherwise get to do. I love that you all care and put education on your priority list and that it is reflected in your talents work and abilities.

I look forward in sharing the next success story with you.